How we Work

If you dream of owning your own boat, spending time on the water, while protecting your investment, you are in the right place!

Headquartered in Traverse City, MI

Prettyman Marine Services is a Michigan based marine surveyor headquartered in Traverse City, MI.  We specialize in boat inspections and boat appraisals while providing professional advice on marine insurance,  creating confident purchases and solving problems before they happen!  For a detailed description of marine surveys, please see our marine survey and special services pages.

Range of Service

Prettyman Marine Services offers several types of marine surveys – ranging from simple to in-depth. Our surveys will assist you in purchasing, financing, and insuring a vessel. Our focus is to save you money before repairs become costly. to protect your investments, all while always keeping you safe!  Every vessel is inspected to standards as set forth by the American Boat & Yacht Council, the United States Coast Guard and the National Fire Prevention Association.

Our Services

Marine Surveys

A marine survey determines the overall condition of a vessel, estimates its value, and determines if it meets the safety criteria for passengers and crew.

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Special Services

We provide a variety of surveys and inspections. All of our services are designed to ensure that you get the most information regarding the vessel being purchased or insured.

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Consultation Services

An initial consultation can be invaluable when purchasing your “dream” boat.

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Founder of Prettyman Marine Services

Adam Prettyman, SAMS, SA

Sailor, Skipper, Marine Surveyor, and Owner of Prettyman Marine Services, Adam Prettyman exudes an energy that is comparable only to his professionalism and passion for the boating industry.

Adam has been involved with boats, professionally and as a boat owner for more than 25 years. He has personally evaluated and repaired vessels ranging in size from dinghies to 80’ yachts. Years of experience in this field, include repairing damaged fiberglass, replacing core, and maintaining vessels to high standards. All of this aids in his ability to identify and record survey findings, ensuring that the customer is well supported and can make comfortable decisions.

Growing up with great yachting opportunities and mentors helped Adam build a foundation to succeed in the yachting world. A diverse skill set was developed while exploring the different areas of the marine industry. Time spent on the tall ship, HMS Bounty, gave Adam experience in many areas. In addition to sailing a tall ship he also assisted in the installation of her new diesel-electric power in the engine room, as well as the top of her masts, 115’ from the deck.

From the age of 17, working in a mentor’s boat shop after school, a passion for yacht racing was born. This took him all over the country racing yachts and gaining more experience. Adam’s mechanical background includes an industrial millwright apprenticeship completed in 2005. This 8000 hr apprenticeship in machining, welding, metallurgy etc., provided an in-depth experience with boats from fiberglass to systems, rigging, and sails.

Adam uses his formal education along with his continuing education in the field of Marine Surveying to stay current with technologies and standards. With an eye on the future, Adam continues to remain on the leading edge of marine survey techniques. Adam has strong communication skills, is adamant about meeting deadlines, and creating accurate survey reports. His goal is to save you money, protect your investments, all while keeping you safe!


  • Boat commissioning and race preparation
  • Boat restoration – Paint, structural repair, cosmetic fiberglass repairs, Gelcoat repairs
  • Consultations regarding sails, rigging, electronics and modifications
  • Custom fabricating of tooling and framing, machining, welding
  • Custom fiberglass and carbon fiber repair and construction
  • Custom rigging and boat maintenance
  • Marine repair on sail and power boats
  • Marine survey and consulting
  • On the water consultations and race setup/tuning
  • Responsible for project support, completion of large industrial machine builds and maintenance
  • Industrial machine building project management
  • Troubleshoot and install and repair marine system.